Mānuka Honey  520MGO (15+)
  • Mānuka Honey 520MGO (15+)


    All our products contain certified levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO) which are responsible for immune strengthening and its anti-bacterial effects. MGO520+ is excellent for Immune Boost when feeling unwell. It has shown to be effective for skin recovery and wound healing in research studies. Major studies, and dermatologists use Mānuka Honey for preventing skin infection and as a mild-moderate topical anti-microbial agent. Some promising research have shown benefits of faster skin recovery and reduced scaring. 


    Its strong anti-oxidant properties in removing free radicals from the body has shown superior health benefits such as aging. MGO520+ also has shown iron-binding properties in research studies. when consumed with meals it may help enhance iron absorbtion. 


    Chat with our Totika Pharmacist to see if this product is recommended for you.




    This product has been certified and independently approved for its quality and MgO contents. We test all batches to ensure quality and assurance. Our products meet the Ministry of Primary industry requirements for export. RMP: BOIHS2013