Reviving Day Cream
  • Reviving Day Cream

    • Our 100% natural propolis day cream regenerates radiance in tired skin while delicately maintaining skin pH balance.

    • Scientifically formulated as a natural moisturizer to nourish all skin types, this product is light and absorbs into the skin easily.

    • This product contains the antioxidant Propolis which boasts wound healing properties, enhancing cell growth and increasing blood circulation.

    • Natural minerals (Magnesium, calcium, and zinc) found in Propolis excels in rebuilding and nourishing dry and damaged skin.

    • The Camellia oil contained in this product is absorbed into the skin instantly, leaving a perfect smooth finish.

    • This Reviving Day cream creates moisture retaining barrier, perfect for moisturising and strenghtening normal and dry skin.

    Recommended for dry skin and sensitive skin. Approved for ecezema, dermatitis, or sun damage.